About us


Easier Together

We want to ensure that every moment that matters is both effortless and rewarding for end users. We want to support them as easily as possible in their digital transformation.

This is one of the reasons why Acer has built a solid reputation as a trusted brand with a full product portfolio, state of the art solutions and unrivalled service and support.


A greener future

With Acer-as-a-service solution, we want to offer our customers a sustainable growth opportunity for their businesses that is fully aligned with the modern circular economy principles of reuse and recycling.

Acer-as-a-Service perfectly combines an environmentally friendly thinking with smart business logic.

“Acer-as-a-Service is helping to create a technological future beyond devices.”

Mailin Jappé
Director Everything as a Service (XaaS) -Acer EMEA

“As a leading IT company we are 100% focused on helping businesses become nimbler, more efficient and more sustainable.”

Emmanuel Fromont
President -Acer EMEA Operations

“Acer as a Service transforms traditional, transactional business models to relationship-based ones.”

Wilfried Thom
Vice President -Acer Western Europe
Acer-as-a-Service talks
Le modèle de l’abonnement s’impose peu à peu dans l’univers du PC
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