Circular economy and Acer Device as a Service

Jun 16, 2022 ˙ 4 min read

The Circular economy is something we are hearing about more and more as the topic becomes increasingly central for companies and consumers alike. Every year, more than 2.5 million tonnes of waste are produced in the European Union alone. That’s why the EU is updating its waste management legislation with the aim of achieving a carbon-neutral and fully circular economy by 2050.

With this in mind, Acer DaaS offers a “Device-as-a-Service” model to promote the many benefits of a circular economy in the technology sector. Acer Device as a Service provides complete solutions for digital workplaces and institutions while keeping an eye on sustainability, supplying cutting-edge devices and an array of IT accessories, but also related ancillary services, such as insurance, maintenance, servicing, and disposal.

What is the circular economy? An alternative to the linear economy model

Until a few years ago, the world operated predominantly under a linear economy. What does this mean? Goods are produced, used, and then destroyed. This method fails to consider the cost of disposal and, above all, ignores the impact of waste on the environment. And so, in order to support the ecological transition Europe is moving towards, more sustainable business practices are making their way into the mainstream economy.

When it comes to a circular economy, the key word is reuse. Repairing, retooling, or recycling products brings many practical, economic and environmental advantages. This is why more and more companies are adopting the circular economy model, both to reduce production costs and procurement inefficiencies and to avoid excess waste.

Environmental issues have become very urgent, and no economic player can ignore them. This matter is, fortunately, gaining ground, especially among the younger generations that are taking on a greater responsibility to improving the future of the planet. Yes to flexible lifestyles where people “own” less; and yes to sharing and subscription services that replace the ownership model with the use model.

How does Acer DaaS tackle the problem of e-waste?

Within a circular economy, the question of waste cannot be put onto the back burner. To make as little an impact the environment as possible, Acer DaaS is committed to protecting and improving the planet in every aspect of our operations. How? By conveying a greater sense of individual and social responsibility to our customers by providing an alternative to the traditional linear model, programming into our operations an attentive recycling of electronic products and components.

Our goal is to promote sustainability through innovative and integrated solutions. That’s why we believe in the Earthion project, the Acer initiative to design a better tomorrow and a greener future through the promotion and maximization of the Earth’s natural resources.

We design with the entire product life cycle in mind, we use sustainable materials and recycled plastics, and we minimize the use of substances that are harmful to our health and that of the environment. Not only that, but our products are of the highest quality, durable and can be easily repaired to ensure longevity

For companies, choosing a device-as-a-service usage model means contributing to a better future by embracing a business strategy that uses resources efficiently, enables cost containment, and increases employee productivity. All while respecting the environment and adopting a circular economy model.

Acer DaaS for sustainability
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