Device lifecycle management: what it is and why it’s important

Mar 29, 2023 ˙ 5 min read

Part of using technology as an everyday aspect of your work lies in knowing how to make it last longer and when and how to replace it once it has finally outlived its usefulness.

Let’s take a closer look at how to make the most of your technology through a proper device lifecycle management policy.

What is device lifecycle management?

Device lifecycle management, also known as DLM, is the process of managing the complete lifecycle of a device, from procurement to disposal.

Nothing lasts forever, not even a piece of technology built to endure intensive activity, and the knowledge that your device has a limited lifespan can shape the way you use it for the better.

Different kinds of technology have different lifecycles, with mobile devices lasting for a shorter period of time than desktop computers, and it is up to both the end user and the company to have a good plan in place to ensure each cycle goes smoothly.

The benefits of device lifecycle management

Implementing a good DLM policy can have a positive impact on your workplace: knowing the lifespan of your devices, for instance, means being able to plan for their replacement rather than incurring sudden expenses.

Upgraded, well-maintained devices will run smoothly, are less likely to break down, and are less susceptible to security risks, all of which can improve productivity and reduce the likelihood of unplanned downtime.

Overall, it is clear that managing the lifecycle of your devices appropriately and making sure they perform well throughout it can result in a better experience for both your employees and your customers.

Device lifecycle management: process and phases

A well-executed DLM begins before you procure your technology: planning a diverse fleet of mobile and desktop devices and finding the best solution for acquiring and managing them is an essential part of your device lifecycle management strategy.

The next step is procuring the devices: comparing prices and features to find the perfect tools for your business and deciding between purchase or rental can make a difference in your budgeting as well as positively affecting the lifespan of your technology.

Once you have your devices, the deployment phase consists of assigning them to their users, configuring them, installing the necessary software and training your employees on the best usage practices to maximise their lifecycle.

Proper maintenance is the next essential step: from keeping up with software updates to repairing or replacing damaged parts, a device that is kept in good working order will live longer than one that is not well maintained. Even if you have been following all the best practices, there will come a time when your devices reach the end of their useful life: retirement and disposal is another essential phase that involves wiping data and disposing of devices according to your local regulations on e-waste, which is an excellent opportunity to make eco-friendly choices.

Technician repairing electronics, one of the step in optimal device lifecycle management

Acer DaaS, a comprehensive device lifecycle management solution

Acer DaaS is an extensive hardware and software package that allows you to rent devices for your business for a predictable monthly fee and supports your DLM practices from beginning to end.

Device-as-a-Service is not just about procuring computers and mobile devices for your company: it comes with a full range of maintenance and assistance services that can prolong the lifespan of your devices and will even relieve you of the responsibility of disposal, as devices that have reached the end of their lifecycle can be sent back, wiped clean and dealt with appropriately. Moreover, choosing Acer DaaS also means promoting a greener future: thanks to its commitment to providing long-lasting and recyclable products, it fully embraces the circular economy model to lower the environmental impact as much as possible.

If you are looking to improve your device lifecycle management policy, DaaS may be the ideal solution for you.

From procurement to disposal
DaaS supports you at every step of your device's lifecycle