Chrome Enterprise
Chrome Enterprise combines the end user benefits of Acer Chrome PCs with the business capabilities of Chrome OS for IT to power the cloud workforce to work securely and effectively from anywhere.
Chrome Enterprise

Chrome Enterprise unlocks the built-in business capabilities of Chrome OS and Acer Chrome devices for IT to secure, orchestrate and power the cloud workforce.

Easy access to apps

Easy access for users to enterprise applications via Chrome Browser, managed Google Play storefront, or legacy applications with third party VDI solutions.

Secure by design

Chrome Enterprise is secured by design, enabling IT to provide trusted applications to their users and to protect against current threats.

Battery to work

Reduce downtime with automatic updates, fast boot times, and a seamless experience across devices – enabling a better way to work for your cloud workers.

Enterprise capabilities

Chrome Enterprise brings enterprise capabilities to your Acer Chromebook fleet – advancing security, ensuring flexible access, and simplifying orchestration.

Versatile devices

Multiple form factors including premium and 2-in-1 devices, to give employees the hardware they want, regardless of the use case.

Smart investment

According to ESG, deploying Chromebooks in the workplace can provide total annual savings for economic benefit year on year

Advanced Security
Chrome Enterprise is secure by design, keeping users and their data protected thanks to fast and seamless security updates and intuitive policy enforcement.


  • Lost and stolen protections
  • Persistent enrollment
  • Application verified access
  • Ephemeral mode
Flexible access
Chrome Enterprise gives IT managers the ability to remotely manage all devices on the network, define login controls, manage guest sessions and configure kiosks


  • Native AD integration
  • Advanced SAML SSO
  • Login controls & auditing
  • Managed guest sessions
  • Kiosk mode
Simplified orchestration
To simplify orchestration of your organization’s Acer Chrome device fleet, Chromebook Enterprise provides IT with access to device policies and fleet oversight capabilities.


  • Google or 3rd party UEM
  • Device policies
  • Client certificates
  • Printers
  • Networks and proxies
  • Device reporting
  • OS versions
Acer winning in-house support system
Network admin staff get support via phone, email and other methods direct from Google whenever they need it, no matter the time.


  • Support via phone, email, and other methods available directly from Google for IT admins
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