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With 40+ years’ experience in the world of computing, we can help you build a tailor-made cloud-based digital solution that meets your business requirements and grows with you.
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Acer has won numerous awards for the quality of its service across the EMEA region. We pride ourselves in offering our partners and customers outstanding assistance, technical support, a collect-and-return service, partner updates on the latest technologies, and continuous online training.

6 ways Acer DaaS solutions can help your business
Higher productivity

Acer’s Windows-based DaaS solutions are designed to maximise productivity thanks to an array of productivity features, powerful processors and extended battery life for all-day performance.

Cost efficiency

With Acer’s Windows-based DaaS solutions you don’t pay for the device, but for the use of the complete IT package under a convenient single contract with fixed and transparent monthly invoices that transforms Capex [Capital expenses] into Opex [Operating expenses].

Powerful security

Acer’s Windows-based DaaS solutions deliver intelligent proactive security powered by cloud intelligence, and simplified device management.

Seamless connectivity

Acer’s Windows-based DaaS solution offers a range of modern devices – also featuring an LTE data connection – allowing frontline workers and teams to safely connect from anywhere, even without Wi-Fi.

Easy implementation

Acer’s Windows-based DaaS solutions offer a frictionless experience that lets your workforce select the specific devices for their needs and be up and running in no time at all.

Worry-free support

Acer’s Windows-based DaaS solution provides 24-7 support in 21 languages. Whatever problem you might experience, our experts are able to help you directly via hotline, callback or mail.

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