Terms & Conditions

Service Provider

Thank you for purchasing an Acer service pack offered in the Netherlands by Acer Computer B.V., Europalaan 89 5232 BC ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands and in Germany by Acer Computer GmbH, Kornkamp 4, 22926 Ahrensburg, Germany (further – (“Acer”)

Warranty Coverage / Exclusions & Limitations

This Acer service pack (further – “Pack”) is an extended service coverage which supplements the general warranty conditions, as stated in the “Limited Product Warranty” leaflet included in the box containing your new Acer product. The “Limited Product Warranty” is an integral part of the Pack and continue to apply in full with all the limitations and exclusions indicated and described therein unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions of the Pack. Kindly read “Limited Product Warranty” before requesting any service from the Pack.
This Pack is a contract between you and Acer. Irrespective the warranty period indicated in the “Limited Product Warranty” leaflet of your product, all service periods covered by the Pack start from the date of the subscription’s activation in your account and end upon the expiration of the subscription.
The service coverage pursuant to the Pack will not extend to any repairs or replacement of parts found to be damaged due to negligence or intent of any description, incorrect maintenance work, work carried out by unauthorized third parties, transportation in inadequate packaging.
The Pack does not cover faults deriving from viruses or system conflicts caused by the installation of drivers or peripheral devices, or loss of data for any reason whatsoever.
The battery is not included in the Pack, it remains subject to the Limited Product Warranty. The exclusions and limitations described above apply only to this Pack; the terms of the Limited product Warranty are not affected hereby.
Any personal data provided by you via electronic form or otherwise for the Pack shall be processed in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. For further information please refer to Acer’s privacy policy for DaaS services.

Obtaining Warranty Service

To report any claims and/or to obtain warranty service, please login to your account and refer to the Tech Support contact information displayed on the page.
Before returning your Acer product to service, please ensure that you have backed up all data and applications either to your cloud storage or locally and please delete any confidential, proprietary or
personal information or programmes (hereafter „Data“) from it. Acer is not liable for any loss, damage or disclosure of any Data outside of its control or due to actions
or omissions of third parties nor for the restoration or re-installation of any of the aforementioned Data.
Each party agrees that it places no reliance on any statement, warranty or representation other than those expressly set out in this Limited Warranty. No Acer reseller,
agent or employee is authorized by Acer to make any variation to the terms of this Limited Warranty.

Acc. Damage / Theft insurance / etc…

T&C’s content to be provided by BnP

Warranty Period

The warranty period is equal to your product subscription period

Dedicated Daas Support services

A technical support team is dedicated to answer your questions and help you solving your issues, including contacting Google services in case the issue is a Google OS Enterprise or G-suite issue

Collect, Repair & Return service

After contacting our service teams, if a depot repair is required, we will organize the collection of your PC to bring it to our repair center, where your machine will be diagnozed, repaired, controlled, and shipped back to you.

Certified Data Wipping at contract end

Once your contracts ends, we will receive your machine in our repair center and make sure all data is wipped-out from this machine.

Software up to date on delivery, latest drivers, Google OS

Before shipping the product you ordered, we will make sure latest software, OS and drivers updates available at that time are installed

Priority Repair Lane in case of HW depot repair needed

When arriving into our repair center, your machine will be treated withpriority to ensure a fast repair and ensure you to get your unit back as soon as possible.

Next Working Day Response Service for on-site repair

If a repair is required on your unit, this repair will take place in your own premisses, where we will send our technicien together with the required spare parts. We will do our best efforts to perform this repair as soon as possible, and anytime possible on next business day after you opened the claim.

Configuration devices

Before delivering the new unit to you, we will enroll your unit on your customer domain, so that the user when starting the machine can directly log-in and start working

Asset label tagging

Before delivering the new unit to you, we will label it with the unique asset tag labels you will have provided and we will scan the product serial number and the label bar code tag and provide you back with a file giving you the list of the product serial numbers and associated unique asset tag.