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Acer DaaS: our cost-efficient solution for the modern workspace computing

Acer Device as a Service (DaaS) is a complete, intelligent IT solution that includes modern devices, accessories and software solutions in one simplified contract with monthly or quarterly payments.

Cloud computing has become a metaphor for modern computing, with services and solutions that combine to meet an infinite number of business needs.

Cloud adoption

Covid has changed the work dynamic, prioritizing the need for all businesses to adopt cloud work arrangements. This new business model has accelerated the adoption of DaaS / cloud solutions.

DaaS Simplicity

DaaS solutions provide instant access to user-friendly collaboration-as-a service solutions, which use APIs to integrate with dozens of other services, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace.

DaaS potential

The true power of Daas emerges from the massive IaaS clouds: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, which can combine thousands of advanced cloud services into bespoke solutions.

Customized DaaS

Acer offers a tailor-made solution to complete your migration strategy and accelerate your business.


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Smarter working

Migrating to cloud computing allows businesses to take advantage of new and efficient ways to increase speed and agility to quickly adapt and scale while promising substantial cost savings in almost every aspect.

The result is highly motivated, dynamic teams who are empowered with the tools they need to get things done wherever they are.

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Cloud-based empowerment

The benefits of moving to the cloud go beyond employee empowerment and productivity.

Cloud-native infrastructures and services offer hardware and software solutions that were conceived with an entirely different perspective on how applications should be built, run, and maintained, working collectively to increase security, facilitate regulation compliance and provide innovative ways to keep costs under control.

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Limitless scalability

Scalability is one of the underlying characteristics of cloud-computing and the primary driver of its exploding popularity with modern businesses.

Data storage capacity, processing power and networking can all be scaled quickly and easily, with little to no disruption to your company’s productivity.

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Acer DaaS solutions

Acer DaaS streamlines IT procurement and management with one simple, cost-effective monthly or quarterly payment plan, shifting your CAPex [Capital expenses] into OPex [Operating expenses].

Acer Windows-based DaaS

An efficient way to deploy and manage your Win-based Acer PCs in the cloud with the trademark performance and security benefits of Windows 10 Pro devices protected by Windows Defender.

– Acer Windows 10 Pro devices
– Windows Autopilot
– Built-in productivity and collaboration tools
– Monthly or quarterly payment plan

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Acer Chrome-based DaaS

A simplified, all-in-one solution to migrate to the cloud with Acer Chrome PCs, collaborative software, storage solutions and round-the-clock service options.

– Acer Chrome OS devices
– Google Workspace
– Migration Service
– Monthly or quarterly payment plan

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