Desktop of laptop voor bedrijven: wat is beter?

jun 16, 2023 ˙ 6 min read
Man traveling in a train and working on a laptop

Using computers has now become a normal part of most jobs, but not all jobs – and not all computers – are the same, and finding the right device for your tasks can make a difference in your productivity.

One of the very first questions you should answer before investing in devices for your business is a deceptively simple one: laptop or desktop? Here is a comparison that may help guide your choice.

The difference between a laptop and a desktop

Most users are aware of the basic distinction: a desktop computer is a setup spread across several devices and peripherals sitting on a desk, while a laptop is a single device that includes screen, keyboard, processing hardware and mouse functions.

The difference is obvious to the average user choosing a computer for their own personal purposes, but for a business owner looking to invest in technology for the office, picking one or the other can have far-reaching consequences.

Advantages of desktops

As you consider the pros and cons of your choice, here are some of the ways desktop computers might have a positive impact on your workplace:

  • Performance: while some higher-end laptops have greatly improved their capabilities in terms of memory and speed, desktop computers will generally offer more power and be better suited to handling tasks such as accessing gaming software or heavy media files.
  • Security: desktops are now becoming lighter and less immobile than they used to be, but on average, they still tend to be kept in one place, which reduces the risk of theft, physical damage, and exposure tocyber attacks by accessing the Web from unsafe locations.
  • Posture: unless you are setting up your laptop in a way that mimics how you would use a desktop computer, a long workday on a desktop is far more sustainable for your eyes and wrists.

Disadvantages of desktops

Desktop computers do have their downsides. Here are some you may want to think about:

  • Immobility: desktops are not suited to jobs where most employees work on the go. Think about your employees’ typical workday: if it involves a lot of movement from one location to another, desktop computers are not for you.
  • Price: while affordable desktops do exist, their average price will be higher compared to laptop computers.
  • Power usage: if you are trying to save on your electricity bill, consider that desktops generally use more power than laptops.

Advantages of laptops

Here are a few reasons why laptop computers may be a better choice for your workplace:

  • Portability: in a post-pandemic world where working from home or any number of other locations is becoming more popular, a light, portable device that does not have to stay in the office may be the ideal solution.
  • Shareability: it is easier to share portable laptops with team members than it is to share desktop computers that tend to stay at one single workstation.
  • Eco-friendliness: because they have to make the most of their battery power, laptops tend to be more efficient in their use of energy, and therefore ideal for a company that prides itself on being green.

Disadvantages of laptops

Before you invest in laptop computers for your office, you may want to consider the following disadvantages:

  • Charging issues: laptops will sometimes suffer from issues with their battery or charging cord, reducing the amount of time you can work on them without being plugged in to a power source.
  • Overheating: unless you take measures to prevent it, a laptop can get very warm when you put it through its paces, which can be damaging to its components and uncomfortable for its user.
  • Difficulty of upgrade: the physical components of a laptop, such as the processor and graphics card, tend to be soldered to the motherboard in such a way that it is impossible to upgrade them, as opposed to a desktop computer, where such upgrades are feasible.

Desktop or laptop for business: Acer DaaS’ Mobility and Stationary Ranges

Whether your ideal solution is to invest in desktops, laptops, or a combination of both, Acer DaaS has something for you.

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